Dr. Will Courtenay, The Men's Doc, of Oakland Anxiety Counseling offers anxiety therapy and treatment for anxiety and panic disorders in Berkeley and the East Bay
Dr. Will Courtenay, Oakland, Berkeley, East Bay psychotherapist offering anxiety counseling and therapy

Common Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxious, nervous, restless, hyperventilating man with worry, racing thoughts, increased heart rate, tension, chest pain, and trouble sleeping, who is needing a psychologist for counseling and anxiety therapy for anxiousnessHere are some common signs and symptoms of anxiety:

  • Feeling anxious, nervous, restless, irritable or tense
  • Explosive anger
  • Racing thoughts or unwanted thoughts
  • Feeling fearful or having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom
  • Having an increased heart rate or sensing an abnormal heartbeat
  • Breathing rapidly or hyperventilating
  • Sweating, chills or hot flushes
  • Muscle tension, trembling, shortness of breath, sense of choking or chest pain
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Feeling fatigued, weak or tired
  • Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything other than an immediate worry
  • Having difficulty sleeping
  • Experiencing gastrointestinal (GI) problems
  • Having trouble controlling worry
  • Avoiding activities, places, or people that trigger anxiousness

“Talk therapy” – or psychotherapy or counseling – is a proven effective way to reduce anxiety, and to feel better about yourself and your life.