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What’s The Difference Between Normal Worry and Anxiety That Needs Treatment?

So, you’re putting final touches on a presentation for the big meeting tomorrow. You’re feeling anxious and tense, and that’s not typical for you. You’ve found yourself obsessively reviewing your notes. Your stomach’s even a little upset, but you still feel you’ve got things Anxious man with abnormal worry and anxiety who's heart is racing and who needs a counselor, psychologist, or psychotherapyunder control.

Well, given that situation, what you’re experiencing isn’t abnormal. And your anxiety might be just what’s needed to motivate you to do your best.

Let’s consider a different situation.

Say, you’re giving a presentation tomorrow, but it’s one you’ve given dozens of times. There’s really no reason to worry, which everyone is telling you. Hearing that doesn’t help though, and it never does.

This is pretty typical for you. You may realize your worry is irrational, but it persists — and your heart’s racing. You even consider avoiding the meeting altogether.

That is normal anxiety gone haywire. And it’s painful and unproductive.

“Talk therapy” – or psychotherapy or counseling – is a proven effective way to reduce anxiety, and to feel better about yourself and your life.